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Purpose of Foundation

The Murray Foundation is registered in the United Kingdom as a charity (UK Charity Commission No. 1162333). The Foundation’s purpose is, for the public benefit, to advance education, to encourage and support dissemination of research and technical information in the area of environmental processes:


General objectives are:


1. To support students of Universities and Institutes in the UK and Europe in developing their studies through participating in European projects related to environmental protection. For example, support could be provided to cover mission costs, participation in Congresses, project meetings etc.


2. Provide support to students who wish to participate to advanced training courses, research projects as a part of a summer course, fieldwork, and in support of a High School or University thesis. These grants are available for short-term activities that provide students with experience of value to their ongoing studies.


3. Provide University Undergraduate Scholarships (up to six months), co-support European Joint Masters degrees and Erasmus Mundus (Erasmus+ 2014-2020) projects.


4. Collaborate with High Schools to provide opportunities to develop students' understanding of science in the 'real world' (including the study of Science at university) – for example, where students undertake some kind of research alongside members of universities and/or get to spend time with people involved in 'real' research projects. Support High School-Company partnerships in the region.


5. Develop collaboration with firms running educational programs with the aim of co-financing students/trainees engaged in the study and development of environmental technology


6. Support mature students coming back to studies after careers in industry etc.


7. Publish research and technical information relevant to the activities of the Foundation.



Registered Office


The Murray Foundation

c/o Charities & Social Enterprise Department

Brabners LLP

Horton House

Exchange Flags

Liverpool L2 3YL UK


Contact G.Hughes: Murray Foundation Administrator

Tel: +44 (0) 151 600 3079


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